January 22, 2015

Videos of Yemen's Unfolding Crisis | The New York Times

"The Saudis cannot afford to have a failed state on their borders, because spillover effects into Saudi Arabia might be grave." - Stig Stenslie, head of the Asia Branch of the Norwegian Defence Staff. Source: Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre. March 2013.

An excerpt from, "Yemen's US-Backed President Quits; Country Could Split Apart" by Ahmed Al-Haj and Maggie Michael, AP, January 22, 2015:
Yemen's U.S.-backed president quit Thursday under pressure from rebels holding him captive in his home, severely complicating American efforts to combat al-Qaida's powerful local franchise and raising fears that the Arab world's poorest country will fracture into mini-states.

Presidential officials said Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi submitted his resignation to parliament rather than make further concessions to Shiite rebels, known as Houthis, who control the capital and are widely believed to be backed by Iran.

The prime minister and his cabinet also stepped down, making a thinly veiled reference to the Houthis' push at gunpoint for a greater share of power. Houthis deployed their fighters around parliament, which is due to discuss the situation on Sunday.
Title: Videos of Yemen's Unfolding Crisis | The New York Times. Source: The New York Times. Date Published: January 22, 2015. Description:
Since Monday, videos have surfaced — both professional and amateur — showing the violence unfolding between the Yemeni Army and Houthi rebels in the capital, Sana.