January 5, 2015

Mel Cooper talks to Professor Norman Davies, Author of "Vanished Kingdoms"

Ivor Norman Richard Davies (born 8 June 1939) is a British-Polish historian noted for his publications on the history of Europe, Poland and the United Kingdom. He is widely regarded as one of the preeminent historians of Central and Eastern European history. 
Title: Mel Cooper talks to Professor Norman Davies. Source: Wildwater tv. Date Published: November 5, 2011. Description:
Mel Cooper interviews Professor Norman Davies about his recently published book "Vanished Kingdoms The History of half-forgotten Europe." As well as this Professor Davies expands upon his theories regarding Russia, Eastern Europe, and the United States and talks in more general terms about his life as a historian.
"Even the average professional historian, let alone the average educated person, is not familiar with most of European history. They tend to know quite a bit about Western Europe, or perhaps one country that they have a lot to do with, France, or Italy, or Spain, or Germany. But, the things that British people think of as Europe are just the parts of Europe that are closest to us. Europe is much bigger. And the Eastern part, which I got to know very well, was cut off for fifty years. People couldn't jump on a plane and fly to Prague, or wherever. And, quite a lot of these stories are from Central and Eastern Europe, but by no means all of them.

Somewhere I say that every nation that ever lived left its footprints in the sand. The footprints are washed away, the echoes die, but there is always a residue. If you know how to look at the past, you will always find traces of what has gone." - Norman Davies [11:29 - 12:50].