January 7, 2015

Journalist Nearly Assassinated For Challenging Pakistan's Extremists

Title: Journalist Nearly Assassinated For Challenging Pakistan's Extremists. Source: GVH Live. Date Published: January 5, 2015. Description: 
Report on the wrong thing about the wrong person or group? You could wind up dead, and in the worst way possible. 
That's what nearly happened to a prominent Pakistani journalist, Raza Rumi, who was nearly assassinated last year when an Islamist militant group made an attempt on his life. Rumi believes he was targeted for challenging the many different Islamist militant groups and speaking up for religious minorities in Pakistan. 
While it's rare in the United States for a journalist to be killed for reporting on a story that may irk religious extremists, it's a common occurrence in Pakistan. Since 2002, 68 journalists have been killed in the line of duty. 
GVH Live's Special Correspondent Siraj Hashmi reports.