January 26, 2015

DAHBOO77: Power Grid Breakdown Plunges Pakistan Into Darkness

An excerpt from, "Pakistan plunges into darkness as attack leaves 140mn without power" RT, January 25, 2015:
Over 140 million Pakistanis were left without power after militants attacked the national grid with blasts specifically targeting power pylons. Some are still waiting for power to return. 
The massive blackout shortly followed Pakistan’s gasoline shortage crisis, with the nation’s Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, being forced to cancel his trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos to deal with the problem. Plunging oil prices are leaving national utility companies without the necessary profits to pay for maintenance and upgrades.
The political elite of Pakistan is retarded. They can build nukes and point them at India like that ape with a gun in Planet of the Apes, but they can't provide basic electricity to their people. They're in a state of intellectual darkness. As a country they need more brain-building, and less chest-flexing. Their possession of nuclear weapons is what's holding them back.

The people of Pakistan are bright, educated, and good, but their stupid, short-sighted, and corrupt leaders will have to answer for their support for the Taliban in Afghanistan and Islamic extremism in general, just as the leaders of the United States and Saudi Arabia will have to as well.