December 10, 2014

Washington Perpetuates The Cycle of Terrorism In The Middle East With US-Made Jihadist Textbooks

The Taliban and the Islamic State would be nowhere without the United States. Every time they blow themselves up in an Afghan market or a Syrian school in the name of Jihad they should chant "America is Great." Without Washington, these terrorist groups would have no arms, no money, no training, and no textbooks to continue the cycle of terrorism for the next generation of brainwashed Jihadists.

An excerpt from, "Taliban Using Jihadist Textbooks…Supplied by the U.S." Blacklisted News, December 10, 2014:
"The USAID textbooks, however, are still being used, only now by the Taliban as it seeks to recruit new warriors to attack, among others, American soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. Duplicated copies of the U.S. textbooks have also surfaced in Pakistan.

The books are “filled with talk of jihad and featured drawings of guns, bullets, soldiers and mines,” according to The Washington Post.One sample entry states that the letter “T” is for “topak” (gun). An example of word usage follows: “My uncle has a gun. He does jihad with the gun.”

The school books “have served since then as the Afghan school system’s core curriculum,” the Post’s Joe Stephens and David B. Ottaway reported back in 2002."
The Nazis understood that you have to get them while they're young. The priesthood everywhere knows this time-tested method of social control.

The United States, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan took this lesson of propaganda and political influence and applied it in Afghanistan to promote their own ends decades ago.

The terrorist textbooks that American academics produced for Afghanistan's primary education system during the Cold War were of such a high quality of scholarship that they are still being used today by the Taliban after all these years to indoctrinate a new generation of children under their control.

Along with the rise in the opium trade since 2001, this will be America's legacy in Afghanistan.

U.S. leaders and officials raped the young minds of a nation with their politically extremist, religiously intolerant, and violent textbooks.

Ideas live on, and the ideas that America introduced into the minds of generations of Afghanistan's children have been destructive to the human spirit and toxic to the human mind.

Video Title: Exposed! Taliban Indoctrinates Kids with Jihadist Textbooks Paid for by the US. Source: DAHBOO7. Date Published: December 9, 2014.