December 26, 2014

Boxing With Reality: The CIA And ISI Are Immune From Institutional Reflection And Reform

Two of the biggest stories to close out the year were the CIA Torture Report and the Peshawar School Attack in Pakistan. The secret intelligence agencies of both countries came out looking worse than ever. The CIA and ISI want nothing more this new year than for these tragedies and controversies to go away.

The focus on both of these stories is fitting because it was a big year for national security news and terrorism related issues. There were lone wolf attacks by mentally ill ISIS sympathizers in Ottawa and Sydney, though the attacks were poorly thought out and did little damage, thankfully. Imagine the scale of destruction if ISIS attracted criminal geniuses instead of buffoons.

Both Canada and Australia have shown enthusiastic support for overthrowing secular regimes in Libya and Syria without thinking out the consequences for the well-being of these fragile and tribal countries. It was not surprising that the attacker of the Parliament in Ottawa was of Libyan background.

It should be remembered that Canada played a lead public role in toppling the Gaddafi regime and bringing radical Sunni militias to power in that country. These terrorist militias have absolutely wrecked the place, to the point that Libya is now being considered a failed state by the most mainstream of mainstream analysts.

Of course, the stupid and amateurish attacks in Ottawa and Sydney cannot be condoned on any level whatsoever, but history shows that societies that dish out violence to others abroad, regardless of their high-minded rationale, usually suffer some form of violence in return. That's a basic principle of the universe.

Pakistan has also experienced this universal truism. Its support for Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan throughout these past few decades has finally come back to haunt it. Schools are attacked in Pakistan by Taliban militants on a regular basis.

The tragedy in Peshawar stands out for its sheer scale, and the identity of the victims, who were children of military officers. But, it is only a small part of a larger story that refuses to go away.

And it refuses to go away because the ISI and Pakistani army refuse to stop their support for the Taliban in Afghanistan. It is a strategic partnership that is based on fear, insecurity, and greed. The ISI is addicted to the Taliban, and weaning them off of it can only be done with outside intervention.

But the ISI is not unique in its bloody-mindedness. They are the JV squad in the league of secret intelligence agencies who sponsor Islamic terrorism. After all, the ISI is a student of the CIA and MI6. Washington and London are the real masters of covert support for Islamic terrorists, whether they be the Taliban, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, go down the list.

Their very fruitful relationship with global Jihadism has come in really handy in Syria. Washington and its allies have sided with Sunni Jihadist radicals in Syria and across the region for strategic and political reasons.

These organ-eating terrorists were formerly referred to by Washington as rebels, obviously very loosely, but in the summer of this year that all changed, and the labels ISIS, or ISIL, were assigned to them.

Beginning in June, the war criminals in Washington sought to distance themselves from this mass murdering force in the global media narrative. The propaganda channel PBS made a very well-made documentary about ISIS's rise in which current and former U.S. officials made no mention of their own role.

The picture they painted of themselves was as if they're visiting Martians and Syria is a hapless Earth. That's how distant they try to portray themselves to the horrible events that are taking placing there. But all the clever lies and well-orchestrated cover-ups do not change the fact that Washington's covert support for ISIS terrorists still continues.

It has always been clear to attentive observers that the criminals in Washington brought this vicious and merciless army into existence. To expect them to now destroy this army, whom they still find useful and cheap, is naive.

The CIA-ISIS alliance is here to stay, no matter how many James Foleys are killed and tortured. To the criminal CIA, these American victims of ISIS are expendable nobodies whose deaths are not important enough to impact US strategic thinking in Syria and the Middle East.

Of course, crocodile tears will be shed, and grand words will be uttered from the Oval Office, but a change in policy? Not going to happen.

Likewise, we should not expect the Pakistani ISI to stop supporting the Taliban because of a few domestic terror attacks.

Changing policy, and moving away from terrorism, is not in the institutional DNA of these criminal and arrogant intelligence agencies.

The CIA's relationship with ISIS, and Sunni radicalism in all its horrific varieties, is strategic, similar to the ISI and the Taliban. There will be more Foleys and Peshawars, and the cold-blooded criminals in the CIA and ISI are willing to pay that price because they believe that the strategic rewards are worth it.