December 31, 2014

Artist Lecture - Robert Nickelsberg: Afghanistan: A Distant War

Title: Artist Lecture - Robert Nickelsberg: Afghanistan: A Distant War. Source: CUNYQueensborough. Date Published: October 7, 2014. Description:
Renowned photographer Robert Nickelsberg will address the brutality and suffering amid the stunning beauty of the convulsions that have devasted Afghanistan. 
The lecture will include an extraordinary portfolio of images, accompanied by incisive commentary, that explain the country's tragic history.

Sponsored by the QCC Art Gallery and Military and Veterans Services.
"Nickelsberg, a photographer, came to Afghanistan for the first time in January, 1988, on assignment for Time, to cover the Soviet occupation, and has returned regularly ever since. Nickelsberg has documented each period with searching eyes and a fearless comportment, capturing the novel and the surreal in a war that never ends. This week, Prestel is publishing “Afghanistan: A Distant War,” a stunning collection of Nickelsberg’s photography. It’s a moving and indispensable book that captures the whole sweep of the country’s tumultuous modern history." - Dexter Filkins, "Robert Nickelsberg's Afghanistan: A History" The New Yorker, November 6, 2013.