November 10, 2014

Who Killed Bin Laden?

 Bin Laden died from natural causes.

It's official.

The number of people who have killed Bin Laden is now bigger than the number of people who Bin Laden killed on 9/11.

Every other day it seems a new guy comes out and claims he took the storied shot that took Bin Laden's life near a military compound in Pakistan in 2011. And who can blame these warriors-turned-charlatans? Money and fame are the rewards for their lies. That's not a bad trade.

We know the official story of Bin Laden's death is pure fantasy. No body. No photos. Nothing. Only a shoddy story. Also, the eyewitnesses on the ground gave a different version of what happened that night than the one the U.S. government gave the world.

The only people who can rightfully claim that they were present at the scene of Bin Laden's death are the cast and crew of the movie 'Zero Dark Thirty.' But at least they will admit that their Bin Laden was an actor. The U.S. government has not taken that step yet.

What was the purpose of giving this false story of Bin Laden's death? There is not only one. There are many layers to this onion. The time and the location all matter. One purpose was to give President Obama a pseudo foreign policy victory.

Another purpose was to put pressure on the government in Pakistan for its support for the Taliban and terrorism in Afghanistan. By putting the scene of the crime in Pakistan, right on the doorstep of its army, the Obama administration gave a very direct message to Pakistan's leadership.

And while it is not true that Bin Laden was being sheltered in Pakistan since he was already dead by that point, there is no question that the Pakistani government shelters many senior Taliban leaders and other terrorist leaders, which they use to weaken and bully Afghanistan.

Afghanistan has been the victim of state terrorism directed by Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United States for decades. Nobody attacked America on 9/11 from bases in Afghan territory, but nevertheless it was invaded unjustly by Washington. What was the real reason for the criminal U.S. invasion? Opium?

As Washington begins to exit that country, leaving behind a big mess, its 9/11 and Bin Laden lies are falling apart and are no longer believed in by the majority of the world. The collapse of the official 9/11 story is a bigger global political development than 9/11 itself.