November 9, 2014

Amrullah Saleh On The Difference Between The Taliban And ISIS

Video Title: Amrullah Saleh Speaks of Taliban and IS or ISIS. Source: Afghanistan101Films. Date Published: September 5, 2014. Description:
Amrullah Saleh Speaks of IS or ISIS with John Simpson.
"Will the Taliban be like IS here, pushing us and overrunning population centers? No. The Taliban have lost politically. What they have is lethal power and the power to unleash terror, but they do not have acceptance in the society. Plus, the Afghan power structure, with all its shortcomings and flaws, has been an inclusive system. You do not find a particular constituency being excluded, or marginalized, or totally rejected, as Sunnis have been in Iraq, so the political context for the Taliban to mobilize the society in support of their cause is not there." -  Amrullah Saleh.