October 12, 2014

The Sacrifice of Kobane

Let's call a spade a spade. Everybody in the Middle East and the world wants the ISIL/ISIS terror gangs to hammer the PKK/PYD/YPG in Kobane and make their presence on the northern Syrian battlefields as well as the surrounding countries, such as Turkey, Iraq, and Iran, irrelevant.

The PKK is facing a blockade and fighting with shitty weapons made decades ago while ISIL is armed with 21st century American weapons thanks to the cowardice of the Iraqi army and is consistently resupplied because of its support from the Turkish government.

The PKK doesn't need Western pity. They need Western arms. But nobody is arming them, not even Israel who has had issues with Turkey in the last little while or the KRG government in Iraq led by Barzani which is friendly with Turkey because it is the gateway for its oil.

And the token airstrikes by the United States is only reinforcing ISIL's grand narrative that they are taking on the infidels of the world, so they have actually made the situation worse.

The truth is that these brave PKK fighters, who rescued the Yezidis refugees on Sinjar mountain in the summer, are being sacrificed by the regional countries and international community to ISIL in Kobane for both political and geopolitical reasons. And this shouldn't surprise anyone who knows anything about the history and politics of the region.

Two years ago, the Obama administration wanted to take out the top leadership of the PKK with drones, but Turkey rejected that plan, so in a lot of ways Washington sympathizes with what ISIL terrorists is currently doing in Kobane. They see it as a huge favour, as does Turkey, Assad, Baghdad, Erbil, and Iran.

If Kobane falls, ISIL will turn their sights on Assad, Baghdad, and Erbil next with even greater zeal, not Turkey and Saudi Arabia. But, no one is safe in the region. Lebanon is on edge, some of its soldiers have defected to ISIL. It's clear that in a future war with Israel, Hezbollah will be attacked on multiple fronts.

But ISIL won't be the only army on the march if Kobane falls. The leader of the PKK has said that his group's historic peace process with the Turkish government will end if ISIL takes over Kobane. Also, the UN has called on Turkey to change its current policy and let PKK reinforcements into Kobane to defend the city, but we know how useless the UN is, so that request will fall on deaf ears.