October 16, 2014

Ry Dawson - Mimi is pro Syria. Vice screwed up.

Obama's boys are wrecking shit in Syria.

Before World War II there were many Germans who weren't ideological fanatics and weren't pro-Hitler, but when they got attacked by foreigners they had no choice but to support the government or else be viewed as traitors by their countrymen, which is the sin of sins. The same thing happens in every country and in every era.

In 1980, not all Iraqis were fond of Saddam and not all Iranians loved Khomeini and his new clerical regime, but when your country is attacked, and is at war, the leader can be the devil himself and you'd still support him. And both Saddam and Khomeini knew that, so the eight-year war was very good for them.

In Syria, the Syrian people, who are generally cosmopolitan, tolerant of others, and well educated, have been given the choice of either supporting 7th century Wahhabi bloodthirsty fanatics backed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey, or supporting the only force that is beating these bastards, which is the Assad regime. And the choice is an easy one because they want to live in the 21st century in a diverse, and culturally tolerant society.

Title: Mimi is pro Syria. Vice screwed up. Source: Ry Dawson. Date Published: October 15, 2014. Description:
Being anti war does not mean you support or don't support a particular government. It means you support the people.
Mimi also known as the "Syrian Girl."