October 31, 2014

America's Allies In The Middle East Are All Cunts

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was called a "chickenshit" this week by a senior Obama administration official.

First off, it's not a smart idea to goad warmongers and lunatics like Netanyahu by calling them cowards. They tend to prove such an assessment of themselves wrong for no other reason than to stick it to the doubters. And second, Benjamin Netanyahu is many things, but a chickenshit is not one.

This is a man who on the day of the false flag on 9/11 went onto American and global prime time television and falsely blamed Al-Qaeda for the evil deed. He declared that the gates of hell opened. That takes balls. To tell such a big lie about such a monstrous and tragic event that has shaped history to this day, and to continue to use that lie to drive government policy, takes courage.

Netanyahu is not a chickenshit but he is a cunt, as are all of Washington's allies in the Middle East, from Erdogan in Turkey to the Saudi princes, from the bloodthirsty ISIL jackals who have been covertly trained by the CIA to the cultish MEK's sadistic leader who will probably receive a standing ovation in the lunatic Congress if ever given the opportunity to address those bastards.

Let's put aside politics, ideology, propaganda, and geopolitics for a minute. On a purely human level, Assad is a better human being than Erdogan. You can tell by the way they carry themselves and the way they speak. Although Assad was born into a political ruling dynasty, he does not come off as arrogant as Erdogan does. He is way more humble.

Assad is a better man than Erdogan, but he is the one who has been demonized by Washington while Erdogan has visited the White House. Also, Hezbollah's leader is a better man than the morally deficient Saudi princes and their Lebanese pawns who want him dead. So, what does it say about Washington that their enemies are better men than their allies?

Washington's leaders have always sought to make deals with cunts and chickenshits in the Middle East, whether it be Saddam and the Shah decades ago, the dictators of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the rest of the Gulf region, or the Prime Ministers of Israel, because they want to work with people who most resemble them. The biggest cunts and chickenshits on this planet live and work in Washington. And the biggest one, who combines both characteristics, is in the White House.