October 11, 2014

Al Jazeera's Pro-ISIL Propaganda And Media War Against The Kurds In Kobane, Syria

Let's be clear about what Al Jazeera is and what it is not. It is not a news organization. Let's just get that out of the way. And we don't have to look at its recent coverage of the events in Syria and ISIL's onslaught against Kobane to figure that out. We can look at its track record since the so-called Arab Spring began.

There is a reason the Egyptian government has arrested Al Jazeera journalists, and it's not because they're a collection of heroic anti-corruption crusaders who are just exercising their freedom of speech.

Al Jazeera instigated riots and chaos in Egypt in 2013, and brainwashed their viewers about the character of the protests prior to Morsi's forced ouster, which were not peaceful at all.

Al Jazeera, in league with the Western and Israeli media, has also lied about the nature of the protests and events in Syria for over three years. They referred to liver-eating Jihadist terrorists as the Free Syrian Army. That was before they took Mosul and shook the world. During that same period, they consistently and falsely blamed Assad for massacres and chemical weapons attacks.

Al Jazeera's entire coverage of Syria since 2011 has been a list of lies.

If you pay attention to Al Jazeera's current coverage of ISIL's war against Kobane in northern Syria, it is clear that they want the city to fall to ISIL. It wants the city to fall so badly that it is actively waging a psychological and media war against the city's residents and PKK defenders. They want to demoralize the brave fighters who are resisting ISIL with pro-ISIL lies.

Al Jazeera has done the same in Iraq, where it has constantly aired lies and anti-government propaganda in order to mobilize alienated Sunnis into supporting ISIL's vicious terror campaigns across the country.

In the video below, Sheikh Imran Hosein accurately explains the lethal poison and the brainwashing machine that is Al Jazeera. He also has insightful interviews and lectures on YouTube about Islamic eschatology, the evils of modern American/Zionist central banking, and the true origins of the Arab Spring that you can check out when you have the time.

"Dajjāl (Antichrist) is not a fool, oh no, and so Al Jazeera is not a fool, oh no. In order for Al Jazeera to succeed in brainwashing the Arab masses into supporting the insurrection in Libya and supporting the insurrection in Syria, which are Zionist planned, and Zionist financed, in order for Al Jazeera to be able to do that and brainwash these cattle Al Jazeera has to have impressive credentials. So if you look at Al Jazeera, I don't have television at home, sorry, so I don't really look at it, if you look at Al Jazeera you will find that some of the reporting is excellent. Some of the programs are excellent, better than all the other television programs in the Arab world. . .But the secret is you have to give them 95 percent that dazzles them so you can slip in the 5 percent of pure poison." - Sheikh Imran Hosein, from the video below.