October 31, 2014

Airstrikes Against ISIL In Syria: 130 Vs. 13

An excerpt from, "Kobane keeps up the resistance" Voltaire Network, October 29, 2014:
The US anti-Daesh Coalition parachuted weapons to the PYG but, unintentionally or not, half of them were recovered by Daesh (as was previously the case in Mosul). It also continues to carry out 10-15 bombing sorties per day, without having any influence on the ground-fighting. 

For its part, the Syrian Arab Army also continues its air strikes, but in a much more focused and intensive manner (about 150 per day). Although it also announced its intention to deliver arms and ammunition, to date no stock has been seen.

According to the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (association created by the Muslim Brotherhood and a screen for the British MI6), 815 people have been killed since the siege began, of whom more than half were Daesh affiliates.
These numbers make sense. What has never made any sense is why Washington would want to destroy their proxy ISIL army in Kobane, which they have built up and trained over many years, when the Assad regime has not fallen yet.

The so-called coalition airstrikes were designed to keep up appearances of the strategic separation between Washington and ISIL in the wake of the latter's territorial gains in Iraq, and do the minimal damage necessary to politically allow Washington from having to explain to the world why it decided to arm and finance these Jihadist terrorists from the start of the conflict in Syria.

According to the UN, thousands from around the world are heading to Syria to join ISIL every month, so it is a free for all. Actually, it always has been, nothing has changed. But mainstream voices are acknowledging this reality more and more as of late. A year or so ago, the situation was the same, but the myth of the Free Syrian Army was still been kept up by the media and Western governments.

That has changed, and no doubt this late admission is a political defeat for them. This is what happens when your entire strategy is based on lies, legends, deception, and ludicrous propaganda. Analysts always said Libya was a pushover because of its geographical and political isolation from the Muslim world and that Syria would be a different story, and they were right.