September 4, 2014

Screwball Chris Matthews Says President Obama Should Invade Syria In Response To ISIS's Beheadings of American Journalists

Source: Angry Arab - this is the liberal US media:
"MATTHEWS: I put the question to you, you`re president of the United States and an enemy is beheading one of your people every couple of weeks. What do you do? Can you do nothing? Can you sit and watch it happening? This open-ended barbarism against your people? But what if the one thing you can do to stop the beheadings is invade Syria and begin taking control of the country, city by city, village by village?"
So, the conclusion that the intellectually dishonest U.S. media is drawing from recent events in the Middle East is that the U.S. should attack and invade more?

How the hell can you defeat ISIS by invading another sovereign country that has never attacked America? Every inch of Syria still belongs to the people there, not to ISIS, and any US invasion would be resisted.

The way to defeat ISIS is through the mind, through education. If Washington was serious about stopping the barbarism of ISIS and ending the threat they pose to all human civilizations, whether in the East or the West, then it would begin by telling Saudi Arabia straight up to stop funding radical Islamist schools and mosques throughout the world that preach a doctrine of hatred, violence, sectarianism, and intolerance.

That would only be step one. Step two would be telling the CIA to stop arming, training, and financing these terrorist groups, whether directly, or through back channels. To defeat ISIS and Jihadist terrorism in general the CIA must be disbanded.