September 5, 2014

ISIS and the Persecution of Christians in Iraq by Adnan Ibrahim

And will raise this one:

Video Title: ISIS and the Persecution of Christians in Iraq by Adnan Ibrahim. Source: dffarah. Date Published: September 5, 2014. Description:
Taken from the Sermon entitled 'Dots on Letters' in which Dr. Adnan Ibrahim says, "Iraq is a Mosaic unparalleled in the world, in it live the worshipers of God in the far right and the worshipers of the devil in the North without a problem, ‘To you be your Way, and to me mine’, the worshiper of the Devil with the worshiper of God Most Gracious, this is the great Iraq."
This is a great, passionate, and powerful speech. Here is an excerpt:
"Do not play the sectarian game. I said twenty years ago that these are ticking time bombs and will soon explode and destroy Iraq. But nobody wants to understand, they all think they know better and wonder why I am not excited. So if you all understand and I don't, explain to me what is happening now? Instead of saying forgive us for lack of knowledge, analysis and interpretation, we are all wrong, please help us stand in the face of this deadly flood. No, instead they played along in this sectarian polarization. And since it is a sectarian game, then I'm a mad Sunni, Wahabi sectarian out to kill the whole world, and the shiite will do the same. What is this! Who are the losers? You all are losers. Therefore if the Arab world wants to raise one banner to save it from this bloodbath then it will have to be 'LEAVE ME ALONE'. I become an atheist, or heretic, let me be, but the Daesh [ISIS] logic will not leave you alone and they are not an exception, they are a damned manifest of an ideology that has been eating away at this nation for decades; it is a cursed and narrow ideology that monopolizes truth, it sees itself as the sole agent of heaven."
Another excerpt:
"I was wondering, three Israeli teenagers were abducted and the whole world was turned upside down, a justification for the arrogant to slaughter the people of Gaza because of a false story, false pretext. Why did the West not move in favour of thousands of Christians with whom they share the same religion, the same Jesus, the same cross, and the same trinity? Thousands of Christians persecuted wrongfully in Iraq. May God curse the oppressors. Why did you do nothing to help them! There were simple denunciations and that was it. Why? Because it is part of the plan, the disintegration of Iraq, and the fragmentation of the Arab world, the framework of pitting Shiite against Sunni, Christian against Muslim, Muslim against Christian, and Christian against Christian. This is a plan; hence this silence. But when it concerns three usurped Israelis the world is turned upside down. Now you understand the game. Use your brain, ask questions. Thus we affirm without hesitation that this Daesh [ISIS] plan and all those associated with it serve colonialism."