August 2, 2014

Washington Appeases A Deranged Netanyahu At Its Own Peril

 Who does this son of a bitch think he is? The king of the world?
"Following the quick collapse of the cease-fire in Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the White House not to force a truce with Palestinian militants on Israel.

Sources familiar with conversations between Netanyahu and senior U.S. officials, including Secretary of State John Kerry, say the Israeli leader advised the Obama administration "not to ever second guess me again" on the matter. The officials also said Netanyahu said he should be "trusted" on the issue and about the unwillingness of Hamas to enter into and follow through on cease-fire talks." - Matthew Lee, "Netanyahu To US: Don't Second Guess Me On Hamas" AP, August 2, 2014.
Israel and the US are leading the world's descent into madness. Talk of genocide of Palestinians is in fashion in Israel. From politicians to journalists to mobs on the streets, the battle cry of Israelis is "Kill them all." Netanyahu is leading this lunacy.

These idiots are under the delusion that they're living in 50 B.C. and not 2014 A.D. They're not living in today's world. They quote radical ancient religious scripture, just like Muslim leaders, but what's really scary is they actually have nuclear weapons to back up their talk. They have threatened to use nukes before, and not just against their immediate neighbours, but also against European nations, should they choose to get in the way of their genocidal plans for the Palestinians.

Washington is bowing down to this madness. It is rationalizing it like an abused housewife. It is bending over backwards to satisfy Netanyahu's every whim and impulse. The parent has lost control of the child.

The nature of things is upside down right now. How the hell does Barack Obama, leader of a superpower, have more humility and grace than the leader of a tiny and geopolitically insignificant state?