August 16, 2014

The UN's Tepid Response To ISIS Terrorism Needs An Explanation

An excerpt from, "UNSC takes aim at Jihadist supporters in Iraq and Syria" DW, August 15, 2014:
"The Security Council [...] expresses its readiness to consider blacklisting individuals, groups, undertakings and entities providing support" to Islamic State (IS), including those who finance, arm, plan or recruit for the groups, the resolution, adopted Friday, read.

The resolution imposes sanctions on six men for recruiting foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria and calls for the "immediate disbanding and disarming" of all al Qaeda-linked groups there.

The six individuals, according to the UN, are prominent Jihadists with ties to IS or its rival al-Nusra Front, two groups perpetrating violence throughout Iraq and Syria. The UNSC said it "deplores and condemns in the strongest terms the terrorist acts of [IS] and its violent extremist ideology, and its continued gross, systematic and widespread abuses of human rights and violations of international humanitarian law."
Wow, blacklisting six whole Jihadists.

That's cute.

How about sanctioning the governments of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel, United States, France, England, and Jordan? Anything less than that proves that the UN supports ISIS terrorism and wants to hide the truth about who actually supports terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism in Syria and Iraq.