August 18, 2014

Pope Francis Is More Hawkish On ISIS Than President Obama Whose Anti-Assad Policies Led To Its Rise

Pope Francis is speaking common sense in the video below.

But I wish he would name the financiers and arms suppliers of ISIS and other radical Islamist terrorist groups. It is useless to single out ISIS for punishment for its criminal aggression against innocent minorities in Iraq, and leave out entities like the CIA, Mossad, MI6, as well as the intelligence agencies of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, and Jordan, all of whom have had a big hand in creating and nurturing the rogue Islamic State.

If ISIS is defeated, as Al-Qaeda was, then these criminal and secretive government entities would just create a new terrorist monster to advance their foreign policies and scare their domestic populations.

So it is better in the long run to name and shame the government aiders of terrorism than strike periodically and aimlessly at its many manifestations.

Video Title: Pope Francis on Iraq: "It is licit stop the unjust aggressor." Source: Reuters. Date Published: August 18, 2014. Description:
Pope Francis, speaking on his return flight from South Korea, says the situation in Iraq is grave and that the international community has to respond together. Gavino Garay reports.