August 16, 2014

PKK And Hezbollah, Not Incompetent Armies, Pose The Biggest Obstacles To ISIS's Scary Advance Across The Middle East

PKK and Hezbollah hold public rallies to show their popularity. ISIS commits public executions to inflict psychological terror on populations. Only one of them is a terrorist group.

The designation of the PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party) and Hezbollah as terrorist groups by the U.S., NATO, and EU is meaningless. Turkey and Saudi Arabia, the two big regional allies of the U.S, EU, and NATO, are financing, arming, and sheltering ISIS, the most dangerous terrorist group in the region. So who the U.S. and EU say is a terrorist and who is not a terrorist is irrelevant.

These are governments that once labeled Nelson Mandela a terrorist, and who brainwash their police officers to view George Washington and the American founding fathers as terrorists. So what they say should not be taken seriously and respected.

Recent developments in both Iraq and Syria show that the biggest obstacles facing ISIS are not armies but resistance movements like the PKK and Hezbollah that are committed, fearless, battle-hardened, disciplined, well-trained, politically popular, and determined to win.

The Iraqi army has been rife with corruption for years and it steadily got worse under Maliki's stewardship. It was disorganized, led by bad leaders, and proved to be no match for ISIS in Mosul.

In neighbouring Syria, the Syrian army was having a difficult time dealing with ISIS and other like-minded groups in 2011 and 2012 until Hezbollah jumped into the mix. Their presence immediately had a positive effect, and the Syrian army started winning some battles.

PKK has also had success battling ISIS in Syria. When the Yezidis fled to the Sinjar mountains in northern Iraq it was only natural that they would be the group that would free them and safely lead them to refugee camps in northern Syria.

Yezidis in Iraq and Lebanese should count their lucky stars that the PKK and Hezbollah exist because if it wasn't for these groups then they would have a tougher time coping with this new genocidal menace on their doorstep.

If it were not for the PKK then the Yezidis would still be trapped on that mountain starving to death. And, likewise, if it were not for Hezbollah then ISIS would have already penetrated deep into Lebanese territory from Syria and set up shop there to destroy that country.