August 29, 2014

Corrupt UK Government Exports Islamist Terrorists To The Middle East And Then Uses Them To Put Fear In Its Ignorant Population

"The United Kingdom raised its terror threat level from “substantial” to “severe” Friday, at a time when Britons have traveled to Iraq and Syria to fight alongside the Islamist militant group wreaking havoc there." - Alex Rogers, "U.K. Raises Terror Threat Level to ‘Severe’" Time, August 29, 2014.
The corrupt, cynical, and criminal U.K. government says that Islamist terrorists that have taken over substantial territory in Iraq, and whom it previously falsely labeled as "rebels" when they were busy fighting Assad in Syria, pose a severe threat to the security of the U.K.

Insane Western political leaders like U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron will surely use the Jihadist threat they helped to create over the years to take away civil liberties, justify their police states, loot the wealth of their comatose societies, and put fear in the public.

But we should not take what these liars say seriously. ISIS is no threat to the West. Read this excerpt from, "The real threat from the Islamic State is to Muslims, not the west" by Sunny Hundal, Al Jazeera, August 28, 2014:
Secondly and more importantly, the Islamic State has sparked political and theological instability across the Middle East, and if they continue expanding, could plunge the region into even greater chaos. The group has prompted bomb blasts and fighting in Lebanon, and in Jordan and Kuwait the governments are worried that sleeper cells may attack at any moment. But it is Saudi Arabia that is on high alert, worried that the Islamic State group will come after them with force. In a recent interview, a senior Islamic State defector said their next stop would be Saudi Arabia, which includes Mecca and Medina. Its rulers are now in full panic, sending money to the Lebanese army, funding UN counter-terrorism efforts, and even getting senior Muftis to condemn the group. And there is a reason for this panic.

The Islamic State is a direct descendant of al-Qaeda, but there is one key difference: Its leaders believe fighting "apostates" is more important than fighting non-Muslims for now. They want to unite the Middle East under their banner before truly turning their sights on the US and Europe. Their caliphate, say its fighters, will never be truly powerful unless apostates and "fake" Muslims are first weeded out - and their definition of "apostate" expands to include anyone who stands against them.
Britain has exported Islamic terrorism to the Middle East for many years, from Afghanistan to Libya. Three years ago it was revealed via WikiLeaks that a top Al-Qaeda assassin was in fact a MI6 agent. Also, there are Muslim clerics who work for the U.K. government as recruiters and hate preachers. That is one explanation why there are so many British Jihadists in the ranks of ISIS.