July 23, 2014

U.S. Govt: MH17 Stance Based On Obvious Social Media Hoaxes

Who needs field intelligence officers when you have YouTube?

New Study: Social Media Posts About War In Syria Are Biased And Unreliable:
An excerpt from, "Study finds bias in Internet postings about Syria’s civil war" by Lauren Kirkwood, McClatchy, February 24, 2014:

YouTube videos and posts on Facebook and Twitter have made scenes from Syria’s civil war accessible to audiences thousands of miles from the conflict. But the version of events disseminated by social media is not a completely accurate picture of the war, according to a report from the congressionally funded U.S. Institute of Peace.

After reviewing more than 38 million Twitter posts about the Syrian conflict, a team of Middle East scholars from The George Washington University and American University concluded that rather than an objective account of what’s taken place, social media posts have been carefully curated to represent a specific view of the war.
U.S. Govt: MH17 Stance Based On Obvious Social Media Hoaxes. Source: TheAlexJonesChannel. Date Published: July 22.