July 11, 2014

New Muslim Caliph Is As Real As His Rolex Watch, But The Deranged Western-Zionist-Saudi-Qatari Media Is Hyping Him As A Great Figure

Pictured: Abu Bakr al Israeli/Abu Bakr al CIAi/Abu Bakr al Saudi/Abu Bakr al Qatari/Abu Bakr al Frenchie/Abu Bakr al Turkeyi/Abu Bakr al MI6i/Abu Bakr al Mossadi.

An excerpt from, "Pimping Up ISIS" by ASG's Counter-Hegemony Unit, July 6, 2014:
Just read this piece by Thanassis Cambanis ” The Surprising appeal of ISIS”. So the new trend in western mainstream media is pimping up ISIS : “As repugnant as its tactics are, ISIS offers Sunnis a rare opportunity: a chance, in effect, to be a citizen.” More than this, ISIS, is a “grassroots” movement and is furnishing its “citizens” with a “participatory” framework for engaging in politics. “It has made clear that it expects people under its power to take an active role in establishing a new Islamic state.”

And the best part: ““It’s not the old model where the citizen is passive and plays no role,” said Brookings Institution scholar Shadi Hamid,“Within certain limits, if you agree to abide by these strict rules, there is an active role for citizens under ISIS.”

What can we expect next from Thanassis Cambanis, perhaps a piece on how crucifixions are the new tolerance? Public beheadings as a participatory activity which engages the masses? Maybe one on how sex fatwas empower women as sexually active citizens.

Does this moron even know how citizenship is defined in the Western liberal tradition of social science? Does he not know that citizenship is based on civil and political rights? Since when was nihilistic terrorism and religious puritanism a state building project?

The "journalist" Thanassis Cambanis calls ISIS a grassroots movement.

How dare you, you fucking piece of shit. Maybe you're admiration for ISIS thugs and terrorists will wear off when the CIA and Mossad bombs your neck of the woods and blames ISIS or other Jihadist scapegoats for it, and then uses the tragedy to take your liberties away. Oh, wait, that has already happened.

ISIS is anything but a grassroots movement. It has received tons of support from the governments of the US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, England, France, and Israel. This is common knowledge in Iraq and Syria, where they are staring down these hatemongers and mass murderers. But Western journalists are intent on deceiving their uneducated audiences, and continue to hide the reality of their governments' support for Jihadist terrorism abroad and at home.