June 2, 2014

Can You Say Blowback In 24 Languages? The EU's Terrorists In Syria Are Coming Back

Arming, funding, training and sending Jihadist terrorists to Syria was not such a bright idea after all. The deaths of EU citizens in any terror attacks in the future should be blamed on the MI6, the intelligence agencies of France and Germany, the CIA, Mossad, NATO, and the Islamic preachers who are being paid by these entities to spread their anti-Assad propaganda. The MI6's corrupt preachers in Britain are recruiting gullible young people to go to Syria to fight in an unjust and losing cause. And that's only one example of Western governments' encouragement of Jihadist terrorism. There's also the arms trafficking pipeline in Libya which NATO set up, and the open border policy that NATO and Turkey have jointly enforced to inject terrorism into northern Syria.

EU sees growing terror threat from Syria returnee fighters. Source: RT. Date Published: June 2.