May 29, 2014

General Hifter's War on Terror Gains Steam In Benghazi, But His Appeal Will Fade With Future Losses

General Hifter switches sides too many times to be a true leader. Libyans would be wise to not count on him to save them from the Jihadist terrorist gangs that Washington unleashed on the country three years ago.

An excerpt from, "Libya chaos deepens with Benghazi air strike on jihadists" AFP, May 28:
Air forces loyal to former general Khalifa Haftar attacked a jihadist camp on the outskirts of Benghazi, cradle of the 2011 uprising that ousted dictator Moamer Kadhafi, ex-rebels told AFP.
Amid the dispute over Miitig, Haftar is garnering support from powerful military units and influential political figures for his offensive against jihadists.
The GNC has accused Haftar of launching a coup but he said the people had given him a "mandate" to crush jihadists after thousands rallied in his support in Benghazi and Tripoli last Friday.
An excerpt from, "Libyan Strongman Battles Militias for Control" by Osama Al-Fitory and Kareem Fahimmay, The New York Crimes, May 28:
General Hifter has cast himself in the role of strongman and national protector, the man who will “correct” Libya’s faltering revolution and purge the country of extremists. But he is a polarizing figure, as notorious for his ambition as for his shifting allegiances, and many people here wonder whether he will amount to more than a warlord, advancing his own narrow interests.

He has gathered a corps of soldiers, air force units and militiamen that he has declared to be the Libyan national army, and has used it to mount assaults on the bases of powerful Islamist militias in the east, including several airstrikes on Wednesday. Libya’s multitude of militias have been a major focus of public anger, not least for repeatedly refusing to disarm.
The New York Crimes has been lying about the nature of the wars in Libya and Syria ever since the beginning. In the New York Crimes' eyes gun-toting Jihadists are only terrorists when they fight Washington but not when they massacre innocent people in Libya and Syria. The editors of the Pravda of our Time aim to discredit and demonize any strong Arab leader that is willing to take on the Jihadist terrorists that are being armed by Washington and NATO, whether he be Assad, Sisi, or Hifter.

Obviously these are not perfect men, and Hifter, especially, won't get very far with his military campaign since he is not the right man for this sensitive job, but it's either strong military rulers or uncontrolled chaos, religious intimidation by Jihadist thugs, street beheadings, daily looting of homes and private businesses, car bombs around shops and mosques, and just total devastation of society. That is the fate that the New York Crimes and the USrahelli media in general wants for all Muslim nations and societies.