March 30, 2014

WesternArmeniaTV: Protesting Turkey's Involvement in Syrian conflict, Los Angeles

NATO will be under the rubble of history alongside Al-Qaeda once the war in Syria is finished.

Video Title: Protesting Turkey's Involvement in Syrian conflict, Los Angeles. Source: WesternArmeniaTV. Date Published: March 30, 2014. Description:
Protesting Turkey's Involvement in Syrian conflict, Los Angeles 2014.
Excerpts from the speech made by Johnny Achi, Coordinator of Arab Americans for Syria, at a protest at the Turkish consulate in LA:
"The Turkish government, the Muslim Brotherhood government, is absolutely responsible for the training, the smuggling of arms, the the smuggling of fighters, the harboring of terrorists, allowing tens of thousands of mercenaries to come through Turkish borders. This has been happening for three years. We've been here at this Turkish consulate. I came here three years ago with this same letter. If you read this latter, nothing has changed. . . . Turkey has helped harbor and train terrorists and mercenaries from all over the world, Turkey has helped bring in arms, tens of thousands of arms, through different airports and smuggled into Syria. Turkey-backed terrorists have been systematically attacking not just Christians, not just Kurdish, all Syrian villages of all the different minorities. If you don't believe in the ideology, if you don't believe in the mercenaries, the takfiris, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Nusra Front, call them whatever you want to call them, they're the same, they're all takfiris. Erdogan can wear a suit and a tie and fool the world, but he's deep inside, he wants to return to back to the Ottoman empire, that's what he's doing. Turkey, with the full knowledge of its government, has bankrupted Aleppo. Aleppo, which used to be, until 2010, the industrial capital of the Middle East, over a thousand factories, have been not just robbed but dismantled, and the whole equipments were transferred to Turkey with the knowledge of the government. The oil in Northern Syria is being sold cheaper than water right now to Turkey. . . The Syrians that you see here, they're Muslims, they're not Christians, we're not just about Armenians, we're about the Syrians who want a secular government, a secular composition that Syria has had and enjoyed for thousands of years."