March 3, 2014


An excerpt from, "Diplomacy Is a Four Letter Word" by Philip Giraldi, February 18, 2014:
Ideologues like Victoria Nuland, who might serve as a poster child for what is wrong with the US government, constitute only one element in the dysfunctional White House view of the world and how to interact with it. Former Senior State Department official James Bruno asks "Why does America send so many stupid, unqualified hacks overseas?" For the first time since the Second World War more than half of all US Ambassadors overseas are political appointees rather than career diplomats, yet another instance of President Barack Obama’s saying one thing while running for office and doing another thing when actually in power. Bruno describes an ambassador to Sweden lying drunk in the snow, the current hotel chain owner nominee for Norway who did not know the country was a constitutional monarchy, and a TV soap opera producer pick for Hungary who had no idea what interests the US might have in the country. One Obama appointee Seattle investor Cynthia Stroum actually was forced to resign after running her embassy in Luxembourg into the ground, verbally abusing her staff and spending embassy funds on personal travel and alcohol.
TV soap opera producers and hotel operators serving as ambassadors of the strongest nation in the world? What in the hell? Is the US government completely nuts?

This is a superpower with nukes led by a gang of wanna-be rulers of the world.

God help us.

For now, the civilized world has to rely on Putin to stop Washington's madness in its tracks in Ukraine and Syria.