March 6, 2014

Pravy Sektor: far-right gains after Ukraine's revolution

More dangerous than a military invasion is a financial invasion. The IMF's mild-mannered banksters represent a bigger threat to Ukraine's sovereignty than Putin's physically imposing troops.

An excerpt from, "Exclusive: Leader of Far-Right Ukrainian Militant Group Talks Revolution With TIME" by Simon Shuster, February 4:
"But neither can Klitschko and his fellow politicians easily sever their ties with Pravy Sektor. The group serves some of the uprising’s most essential functions. Its fighters control the barricades around the protest camp in the center of Ukraine’s capital, and when riot police have tried to tear it down, they have been on the front lines beating them back with clubs, rocks, Molotov cocktails and even a few catapults, in the mold of siege engines of the Middle Ages. Around the country, its fighters have helped seize government headquarters in more than a dozen cities. “Pravy Sektor has proved its loyalty to the ideals of freedom,” Yarosh says. “Now we needed to present this movement as a source of leadership.”

In any kind of fair election, that would be nearly impossible. Pravy Sektor’s ideology borders on fascism, and it enjoys support only from Ukraine’s most hard-line nationalists, a group too small to secure them a place in parliament. But taking part in the democratic process is not part of Yarosh’s strategy. “We are not politicians,” he says in his office, a pack of Lucky Strikes and a walkie-talkie on the table in front of him, while a sentry in a black ski mask and bulletproof vest stands by the door. “We are soldiers of the national revolution.” His entire adult life has been spent waiting for such a revolution to “steer the country in a new direction, one that would make it truly strong, not dependent on either the West or the East.”
The best outcome of this crisis would be for Ukraine to be independent from the claws of the greedy banksters of the European Union and the greedy oligarchs of Russia. The EU, the US, and the IMF will create nothing but disaster in Ukraine with their unhelpful loans. 

Title: Pravy Sektor: far-right gains after Ukraine's revolution. Source: Channel 4 News. Date Published: March 5.