March 16, 2014

Al Jazeera's Propaganda War Against Crimea

Once again, the laughable "news" network Al Jazeera is carrying water for the criminal U.S. government. Their programming on Crimea is awful. The people of Crimea should do what the people of Syria did three years ago, and the people of Egypt are doing today, which is to kick these liars who pose as journalists out of their country.

Journalists should not abuse the right of free speech to invent lies, distort historic events, create social discord in countries, encourage violence and strife, and promote wars. Those who do such things are not professional journalists but media criminals who should be stripped of their press passes and arrested. The media should be dedicated to disseminating information and facts, and nothing else.

The government of Egypt has responded to Al Jazeera's subversion and shameful behaviour as any strong and self-respecting government would. The new government of Crimea should follow suit and prevent Al Jazeera from promoting discord and violence.

In the video below, the so-called journalist says that Crimea's economy will be greatly weakened if the citizens of Crimea decide to join Russia. She says pensions might not be paid, food and energy prices will be raised, tourism will take a hit, and generally paints a miserable picture of life in Crimea under Russian rule. This is fact-less fear-mongering. Recent history shows that Russia pays pensions to its citizens, but the same can't be said about EU-controlled governments and IMF-ruled societies. Banksters don't care about the standard of living of the population. Bank runs and other symptoms of economic chaos usually happen in societies ruled by bankster regimes.

In a year or two Crimea's economy will be stronger than it is now. Competent, more morally sound, and somewhat less corrupt people run Russia, they have a better track record than the godless international bankster regime that has recently taken control of Kiev through force. The new IMF-controlled gangsters in Ukraine will fleece the country for all that it is worth. In a couple of years, Crimea will be an economic wonderland compared to the IMF-dominated provinces of Ukraine.

Video Title: Crimea vote brings economic uncertainty. Source: Al Jazeera. Date Published: March 31. Description:
On the eve of the referendum in Crimea, questions remain about the state of the economy there. If the result confirms Russia's takeover, Crimea can expect to switch currency to the Rouble. There's also uncertainty about ownership of resources and state assets. Al Jazeera's Jacky Rowland reports from Simferopol in Crimea.
Quote from the YouTube comment section by 'nesia indo':
Crimea will be better off with Russia than with the bloodsuckers of the EU and IMF.  The EU will turn Crimea into a debt slave nation.