February 17, 2014

UN Syria Peace Talks Fail [Source: CCTV]

Title: UN Syria Peace Talks Fail. Source: CCTV America. Date Published: February 16. Description:
Syrian peace talks at the United Nations ended in a deadlock. No date was set for a third session. CCTV's Jim Spellman delves into the details of the story.
Brahimi and Ban Ki-Moon should step down. They are misrepresenting this crisis, and only blaming one party for the failure of the Geneva peace talks, the Assad regime. This is not the reality. It is clear to any objective observer that the foreign-influenced exile opposition which relies on Al-Qaeda terrorists for its battlefield gains is less willing to negotiate than the Syrian government.

Brahimi and Ban Ki-Moon are not practicing honest peacekeeping and wise international diplomacy. They're discrediting the UN.