February 27, 2014

'No ultranationalist or anti-Semitic actions occurring in Ukraine' - ex-US ambassador [Source: RT]

 The synagogue in Zaporozhye
 Source of photo: Times News. For background, check out: "Ukrainian synagogue reportedly firebombed in first violence against Jews" (Haaretz, February 25).

'No ultranationalist or anti-Semitic actions occurring in Ukraine' - ex-US ambassador. Source: RT. Date Published: February 27, 2014. Description:
Featuring John Herbst, US ambassador to Ukraine 2003-06. The tragic loss of life in Ukraine has shocked, saddened and angered the world. With uncertainty still gripping the nation and tensions running high, the situation remains fragile. Will Ukraine emerge from the bloodshed a budding democracy, or will the situation spiral out of control into a full-blown civil war?
This comment below the video made by YouTube user 'mephistopheles93' nails it:
It's funny how these assholes love to toss around anti-semitism when it's convenient (like anytime someone criticizes Israel or the zionist banking cabal), but the minute it doesn't suit their purpose it's irrelevant. Hey idiot, they torched a fucking synagogue. This might be one of the FEW real cases of anti-semitism. The irony is that the zionists are loving it, because this will translate into more immigration to Israel.