December 6, 2013

Updates On Syria [12.6]: Turkey's Policy of Aiding Al-Qaeda Is Under Review (Or So It Says), OPCW Confirms It Has Destroyed Syria's Chemical Weapons Munitions, Pope Francis Calls For Release of Nuns Taken Hostage By Jihadist Terrorists

1. An excerpt from, "Turkey recasts approach to armed groups in Syria" by Fehim Taştekin, Al Monitor, December 5:
Will Turkey’s cutting off logistical support to al-Qaeda in Syria, and discriminating between al-Qaeda-affiliated organizations and moderate groups under the Free Syrian Army banner, be enough to extricate the country from the Syrian morass? Reports leaked from the Turkish National Intelligence Service and other security agencies are instilling fears of a boomerang effect in Turkey, which is trying to give the impression that it has intensified border security. Illegal activities by armed groups who, until September, appeared to be enjoying impunity, are now finding their way to police and judicial records, indicating there may be some changes.

Some revelations and confessions are causing confusion regarding what Turkey is trying to achieve. For example, on Nov. 8 Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan described the seizure of a truckload of ammunition as "showing Turkey’s sensitivity," and therefore an indication of Turkey’s anti-al-Qaeda operations. But the police were hoping to find narcotics in the truck, not guns, since they had received a tip on narcotics smuggling. If the tip had been related to weapons, perhaps the truck would not have been stopped. We gather this much from the court statement of L.K. the truck driver.
This is empty rhetoric from the Turkish government. It is continuing to support al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria with all its means at its disposal. And the Free Syrian Army is a fantasy. It is in reality the Fictitious Syrian Army. The idea that nations like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and America are making an effort to discriminate between the FSA and Al-Qaeda is ridiculous. What is their to discriminate amongst these Jihadist fighters besides the length of their beards? US and Turkish policies towards Syria are a confused mess. They are detached from the realities on the ground in Syria.

Imagine if we keep hearing about the Free Turkish Army, the Free American Army, the Free Saudi Army, the Free Iranian Army, the Free Russian Army, the Free Egyptian Army, etc. You know how stupid and crazy this sounds? Yet, the delusional mainstream media still repeats this bogus title, "the Free Syrian Army" hoping that somehow repeating this nonsense endlessly turns it into a military reality.

2. An excerpt from, "Syria's Chemical Weapons Munitions Destroyed, Watchdog Says" AP, December 6:
The international chemical weapons watchdog says it has verified the destruction of all of Syria's unfilled munitions — another milestone along the road to eradicating President Bashar Assad's chemical weapons program by mid-2014.

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said in a statement Friday that its experts in Syria also have verified the destruction of parts of buildings at weapons production facilities.
3. An excerpt from, "Pope Francis Appeals for Release of Nuns Kidnapped by Syrian Rebels" by Barbara Boland,, December 5:
Pope Francis yesterday called for people to pray for the release of 12 Greek Orthodox nuns who were kidnapped on Monday from their convent in Maaloula by Syrian rebels possibly tied to the terrorist Al Nusra front. Maaloula is one of the last places on earth where some people still speak Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke.

"I would like to invite everyone to pray for the religious sisters of the Greek Orthodox Monastery of Saint Tecla in Maaloula, in Syria, who, two days ago, were taken away by force by armed men,” said Pope Francis on Wednesday during a general audience at the Vatican.  "Let us pray for these sisters, and for all those who have been kidnapped on account of the on-going conflict. Let us continue to pray and to work for peace.”
Pope Francis to the rescue! Move over Barack. The Pope is standing up to Al-Qaeda in Syria, while the US, and its Saudi, Turkish, European, and Israeli allies are backing them to the end. They are wrong, and the Pope is right. Financing and arming Al-Qaeda will not lead to any positive results for America, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Europe, and Israel. The power of the cross is mightier than the power of the dollar.