November 13, 2013

Updates On Syria: SNC Calls Kurds "Hostile," Wealthy Gulf Arabs Raise Money For Al-Qaeda, PYD Forms Transitional Government

An excerpt from, "Syria opposition says armed Kurds 'hostile'" Al Jazeera/Al-Qaeda's Media Channel, November 13:
The Sunni Arab-dominated main opposition alliance, the Syrian National Coalition, has been at pains to keep the Kurds on side. Its main faction, the Syrian National Council, even named secular Kurdish dissident Abdulbaset Sayda as its leader last year.

But mounting violence between the Kurds and al-Qaeda loyalists - who form a major battlefield component of the Sunni Arab-dominated rebellion - has sparked a deepening rift between the Kurds and the mainstream opposition to President Bashar al-Assad.

"The PYD is a group hostile to the Syrian revolution," the National Coalition, the opposition group recognised by most Arab and Western governments, said in its statement formalising the breach with the main Kurdish group.

"Its declaration of self-rule amounts to a separatist act shattering any relationship with the Syrian people who are battling to achieve a free, united and independent state, liberated from tyranny and sovereign over all its territory," the alliance said.
The PYD is fighting for the Kurdish revolution, not the Syrian revolution, and it has no reasons to hide this fact. The original protests against Assad's regime happened earlier in this century in the Kurdish region of the country, before al-Qaeda, who now dominates the mainstream Syrian opposition, even arrived on the scene. So berating the PYD for being hostile to a revolution that is led by al-Qaeda, and funded by tyrannical regimes like Saudi Arabia and Turkey, is stupid and counter-productive.

Kurds were never part of Syria to begin with. It was a partnership based on coercion, and overseen by the imperialist and moronic parasites in France and England. When prisoners have a chance of breaking free from their prison, they'll take it. Labeling their escape for freedom as "separatist" is anti-historical and hegemonic rhetoric.

And what free, united, and independent Syria is the delusional Syrian National Council talking about? How can any Al-Qaeda-led Syrian revolution be free when it is dependent on Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey for continued success? And united? The Sunni fighters are shooting each other on the battlefield while Assad watches, so united is the last word to use to describe the al-Qaeda-Saudi Arabia-Turkey-led opposition.

The Syrian National Council really has no legitimacy or authority. It is a mouthpiece for the opposition only in its own eyes. In reality, the SNC can perish tomorrow, and nothing on the ground in Syria would change for better or worse. So SNC declarations are not meaningful and should not be taken seriously.

An excerpt from, "Private Donors’ Funds Add Wild Card to War in Syria" by Ben Hubbard, The New York Times/The New York Crimes, November 12:
Mr. Mteiri — one of dozens of Kuwaitis who openly raise money to arm the opposition — has helped turn this tiny, oil-rich Persian Gulf state into a virtual Western Union outlet for Syria’s rebels, with the bulk of the funds he collects going to a Syrian affiliate of Al Qaeda.

One Kuwait-based effort raised money to equip 12,000 rebel fighters for $2,500 each. Another campaign, run by a Saudi sheikh based in Syria and close to Al Qaeda, is called “Wage Jihad With Your Money.” Donors earn “silver status” by giving $175 for 50 sniper bullets, or “gold status” by giving twice as much for eight mortar rounds. 

“Once upon a time we cooperated with the Americans in Iraq,” said Mr. Mteiri, a former soldier in the Kuwaiti Army, recalling the American role in pushing Iraq out of Kuwait in 1991. “Now we want to get Bashar out of Syria, so why not cooperate with Al Qaeda?”
If Kuwait and Saudi Arabia get overrun by Al-Qaeda tomorrow, they have only themselves to blame. It would be best for the fate of the region and its long-term stability if these rotten Arab Gulf kingdoms collapse. They have created so much mischief with their oil money. Animus against Assad shouldn't lead you to funding and arming al-Qaeda terrorists.

An excerpt from, "Syrian Kurdish Party declares transitional government" by Wladimir van Wilgenburg, Al Monitor, November 12:
The YPG is the only militia that is capable of holding ground and fights off al-Qaeda-affiliated groups, which led to more support for the PYD among not only Syria’s Kurds, but also local Arabs and Christians.
The US recently banned the PYD's leader from entering America and addressing a conference. Washington, who supposedly wants regime change for freedom in Syria, is trying to sideline the only authentic and locally popular revolutionary group in Syria. And that's because America is against any meaningful revolution in Syria. It is only after a change in power, aided by its regional allies al-Qaeda, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Turkey.