November 3, 2013

Updates On Syria: FSA Leader Steps Down, Pakistani Jihadists Bring Long-Dead Disease To Syria

An excerpt from, "Rebels lose ground to Assad forces in Syria war; Free Syrian Army official Akaidi resigns" by Liz Sly, The Washington Post, November 3:
The resignation Sunday of a top leader in the U.S.-backed Free Syrian Army further underscored the extent to which rebel infighting is undermining the effort not only to topple President Bashar al-Assad but also to hold on to territories won by the opposition in more than two years of conflict.
A representative of the Fictitious Syrian Army is quitting the battlefield. And we're supposed to be sad about this? This is the best news to come out of Syria in a long, long time.

An excerpt from, "Foreign jihadists 'responsible' for polio outbreak in Syria" by Tom Foot, The Independent, November 4:
A Syrian government minister has claimed that foreign fighters waging a jihadist war are responsible for an outbreak of polio in the country.

Ten cases have been confirmed by the United Nations in the first substantiated outbreak of the disease in Syria in 14 years.

Babies and toddlers under two years old have contracted the disease.

Kindah al-Shammat, the Social Affairs Minister, told the Associated Press news agency that jihadis from Pakistan were to blame.

She said: "The virus originates in Pakistan and has been brought to Syria by the jihadists who come from Pakistan.”
Jihadists bring disease, famine, looting, destruction, and death with them to wherever they go, not freedom, order, intelligence, truth, and prosperity. Al-Qaeda is a disease, and those who support them with weapons and money like America, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, France, and England are responsible for the growth of this disease.