November 9, 2013

Update On Syria: Syrian National Coalition Admits It Is Powerless

An excerpt from, "Syrian opposition split over peace conference" by Fehim Ta┼čtekin, Al Monitor, November 9:
Another SNC member, Kamal Lebvani, dismissed concerns of losing international support should the SNC not go to Geneva, saying: "There is no international support anyway; otherwise, we wouldn’t be in this situation. It is meaningless to talk of losing international support.” He then said something that made all other debates irrelevant: "No matter what decision comes out this meeting, it won’t be implemented because the real actors are those fighters in Syria, not us. We have no power to represent them."
An excerpt from, "Syria's Rebels: Between Talks and a Hard Place" by Benedetta Berti, The National Interest, November 8:
The National Syrian Coalitionfinds itself in an especially vulnerable situation: with the United States getting cold feet over expanding military assistance, and with the option of an international military intervention off the table, the Coalition now finds itself weaker in terms of international backing and domestic legitimacy. Its political leadership is increasingly contested, and its capacity to direct the fighting is more and more limited.