October 6, 2013

President Bashar al-Assad Tells Der Spiegel: President Obama "Has No Right To Pass Judgment On Syria"

 Dr. Assad has not gassed Syrian women and children. Claims that he has are obvious lies and should not be believed.

Below is an excerpt from a recent interview that German magazine Der Spiegel conducted with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. (Source: Syrian Arab News Agency. October 7, 2013).
Der Spiegel: It’s not only us who deny the legitimacy of your presidency. U.S. President Barack Obama said at the U.N. General Assembly meeting in New York that a leader who kills his people and gases children to death has forfeited any right to rule his country.

President Assad: First, he is the president of the United States and has no right to pass judgment on Syria. Second, he has no right to tell the Syrian people whom to choose as their president. Third, what he says in reality has no foundation whatsoever. He has been calling for me to step down for one and a half years. What next? Have his statements made any impact? None whatsoever.