September 2, 2013

World To Obama: Do Not Attack Syria, Do Not Cross This Red Line

Punish Syria? For what? Imaginary crimes based on false evidence? Washington has no case against Syria. Obama has no right to punish anyone. And God has already punished America. Its crimes against humanity stink to high heaven. Add an illegal war on Syria to the list of its war crimes.

After threatening Syria with military strikes, Assad told Obama to tread lightly.

And, so far, Obama has done just that. He has not yet crossed the red line of aggressive war. But, that will change when Israel's lapdogs in Congress vote on whether or not to attack Syria. They will obviously vote yes. So Obama will have his war. He will cross a red line that the world has clearly marked, including the British Parliament.

Any leader that declares war on a country and then 30 minutes later goes golfing is not fit to lead. Obama is not even fit to be a cabbie. What a joke.

Say what you want about Benjamin Netanyahu, but at least he isn't golfing. He actually has his nose in the dirt. That demands respect. No other leader golfs. Assad isn't golfing. Putin isn't golfing. Hezbollah's leader isn't golfing. The Chinese leader isn't golfing. The leader of Botswana isn't golfing. Why? Because they are serious leaders. Obama is not a serious leader. This puppet can't even get out the words that are written for him. He's golfing half the time, and, yet, he expects the world to take him seriously when he draws stupid red lines.

World to Obama: save your threats, put away your red lines, and stay on the golf course.