September 12, 2013

Syrian Rebels Are The Scum of The Earth

Below is an excerpt from, "Chauvinists and Other Anti-Peace Voices" by Michael S. Rozeff,, September 12, 2013.
The most amazing of all reactions comes from the Syrian rebel coalition. Assuming the translation of their position is accurate, they “announce our definitive rejection of the Russian initiative to place chemical weapons under international custody.” I find this amusing. The group that Kerry-Obama supports with arms and military training, the group that Obama-Kerry were willing to bomb for in the name of curtailing chemicals in warfare, that group rejects a huge Syrian government concession to give up its chemicals and sign an accord too against their use. This group, supported in the name of democracy and good government and against the name of Assad, has NO principled stand against chemicals in warfare. Obviously, its rejection shows that it wanted the bombing in order to weaken the government’s force structure.