September 10, 2013

Obama Adviser: Strike at Syria Not 'another War'

President Obama and National Security Advisor Susan Rice live in a post-war universe. In their crazy world, attacking another country is not considered an act of war. Imagine if the leaders of every country thought this way. It is a scary thought. This view goes beyond arrogance. It surpasses arrogance and leaves it behind in the dust. The face of arrogance is aghast when it looks at Obama and Rice. It puts on a mask to protect itself from the smoke coming from their fire of bullshit. 

Obama Adviser: Strike at Syria Not 'another War.' Source: AssociatedPress. Date Published: September 9, 2013. Description: 
White House national security adviser Susan Rice says any U.S. military action against Syria "would not be another war." She says the Syrian regime used chemical weapons against its own people and said that raises threats to other countries. (Sept. 9)
"There will be no American boots on the ground, period." - Obama adviser Susan Rice. You say that now, but. . . war is a funny thing.