September 26, 2013

Kurds In Syria Kill Al-Qaeda Leader/UAE Emir

UAE: We build expensive hotels and export al-Qaeda terrorism.

An excerpt from, "Syrian Kurds kill al-Qaeda leader near Aleppo" by Zeina Karam and Albert Aji, The Times of Israel, September 26, 2013:
The ISIL commander was killed in clashes with Kurdish militiamen in Aleppo province, activists said. Fighting between the two sides in predominantly Kurdish regions of the north has gone on for months, killing hundreds of people on both sides.

The man, identified by the Observatory as a UAE national and the emir — or local commander — of Aleppo, died Wednesday night.

On Monday, a top al-Qaeda commander was killed in an ambush by rival Western-backed rebels from the Free Syrian Army rebel umbrella group.

Still, several groups operating under the FSA are increasingly aligning themselves with more radical groups.

Nearly a dozen of Syria’s powerful rebel factions formally broke with the main opposition group in exile and called for Islamic law in the country Wednesday, dealing a severe blow to the Western-backed coalition.
An excerpt from, "Fierce Clashes between Kurds and ISIL in Aleppo, UAE Emir Killed" Al-Manar, September 26, 2013:
The opposition UK-based Syrian Observatory reported fierce clashes took place Wednesday evening between the Kurdish People's Protection Units and militants of the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Levant in the region separating between Jenderes in Aleppo countryside and the Atma area in rural Idlib province.

"An emir of ISIL was killed during clashes erupted in 'Aleppo State' holding the Emirati nationality, amid continued sporadic clashes," the Observatory said.

ISIL gunmen have first attacked at dawn Tuesday two checkpoints for the Kurd People's Protection Units, which provoked clashes between the two sides and left several casualties in ISIL ranks.

The Syrian Opposition Observatory announced that the militants who belong to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) fractured the Cross of a Roman Catholic church in the city of Raqaa.

The militants also erected ISIL flag on an Armenian church, which lies near al-Rashid Park, after descending the Cross.