September 20, 2013

CIA Weapons Are Being Used In Syria To Kill Christians, Kurds, And Other Minorities

Photo: President Obama on a conference call with al-Qaeda, Saudi spy Bandar Bush, and Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, being informed that Christians, Kurds, and other minorities are being killed in Syria as planned.

Who says U.S. policy in Syria is broken? It is working perfectly fine. Murder and mayhem is what Washington wanted, and this is exactly what it has got.

Religious and ethnic minorities are being attacked by US-Saudi-Turkish backed Sunni terrorist groups, with al-Qaeda at the tip of the spear.

American-led Jihadist terrorism is driving hundreds of thousands out of Syria into Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon. The growing Syrian refugee population is a direct result of Washington's policy of arming and financing al-Qaeda as well as other Islamic terrorist groups.

Syrian refugees of all ethnicities and religions should reject America's false humanitarian support. A nation that creates humanitarian disasters by funding terrorist groups to kill minorities and sow chaos has no right to assist in humanitarian efforts to fix the problems that it created.

American help is not wanted. American humanitarian support must be rejected. Not one American dollar should be accepted by Muslims in Syria. Muslims must say to American aid groups and human rights organizations: Go To Hell. Go fix your own broken government, society, and country, you self-righteous pieces of shit.