September 19, 2013

America's Main Middle East Client Regimes, Turkey And Saudi Arabia, Are Using Al-Qaeda To Suppress Kurdish Rights In Syria

America is not interested in Syria because it wants to defend the rights of minorities, remove chemical weapons from the battlefield, and help transition the country to a democracy. These are not its objectives, as President Obama has falsely claimed them to be in his speeches and statements.

Obama is a liar. His administration's covert support for Al-Qaeda has caused the deaths of tens of thousands in Syria. His administration is backing Jihadist terrorism in Syria not just to topple Assad's regime, but to suppress Kurdish rights as well as the rights of religious minorities such as Christians.

Not only is the Obama administration training, arming, and financing Jihadist terrorists, it is also aiding the oppressive Turkish and Saudi Arabian governments in their war against the Kurds of Syria.

In recent days, the Turkish army has entered the war in Syria on the side of Al-Qaeda to suppress Kurdish rights and intimidate Kurdish civilians into submitting to American-led Jihadist terrorism.

President Obama has yet to tell Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey to leave office for suppressing Kurdish aspirations for freedom. Obama also did not utter the word when the regime in Turkey used chemical weapons to suppress popular protests earlier this year.

This is proof that Obama does not care about defending human rights or removing chemical weapons in Syria, since it was his boys who were responsible for the chemical weapons attack in August.

The United States has no concern for the well-being of the people of Syria or anyone else in the Middle East. Obama's bosses have another plan for the region, and it is not good.

Al-Qaeda must be opposed and defeated, this is a no-brainer, but Al-Qaeda's oppressive backers are the real problem, and they are the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.

II. America's Main Middle East Client Regimes, Turkey And Saudi Arabia, Are Using Al-Qaeda To Suppress Kurdish Rights In Syria

Clashes between YPG and Al-Qaeda in Girê Sipî – Turkish Army Actively Participating
Source: The Rojava Report
Date Published: September 19, 2013.
According to two different reports today from ANF – found here and here – intense fighting has broken out near the village of Susik, in the vicinity of Girê Sipî (Arabic: Tal Abaid), between groups affiliated with al-Qaeda and units attached to the YPG. Girê Sipî is directly across the Turkish border from Akçakale, from where the Turkish government and military is providing military and material support to groups fighting in Syria.

The fighting started at 05:30 this morning local time, when al-Qaeda affiliated forces began an attack on the village. The YPG put up a fierce resistance and the attackers were reported to have suffered around 60 casualties before being forced to withdraw. The attack followed clashes yesterday evening when a number of al-Qaeda fighters were also killed. The village had been liberated by the YPG following a battle on the 15th of September, but attempts by al-Qaeda and their Turkish backers to retake the village continue.

Alongside more conventional material and logistical support, Turkish soldiers are said to be actively taking part in clashes. In addition to the at least six Turkish ambulances which crossed the border to carry back wounded, Turkish military snipers firing from across the border killed two fighters attached to the YPG. Clashes around the village continue.