September 21, 2013

America Is Betting Against The Kurds In Syria, Backs Al-Qaeda-Linked Terrorist Groups

"It is clear in the civil war in Syria that the US backs the FSA. Washington hopes that the fall of the Assad regime will allow the Syrian forces in the FSA to defeat the Gulf Arab militias who, by then, they hope, will have defeated the armed forces of the DUP. But this seems unlikely because the PKK is not just a strong national liberation movement and it is now firmly embedded in Kurdish society in the east and southeast of Turkey. Indeed, it is possible that the PKK and DUP together may increasingly challenge the KRG for dominance of the Kurdish nationalist movements in the Middle East. If this proves to be the case, that the "other war" in Syria may reach proportions as significant as the civil war in Syria." - Robert Olson, "Syria: the other war" Today's Zaman, September 15, 2013.