September 21, 2013

America And Her Allies Stand Opposed To Kurdish Aspirations For Statehood

"The role of the Obama administration in suppressing the long-running Kurdish uprising in Turkey is largely unknown. But a few weeks ago a U.S. diplomat dropped an intriguing clue. Francis J. Ricciardone, Jr., Obama's ambassador to Turkey, revealed that the U.S. had secretly offered Turkey what was, in effect, a bin Laden-style assassination of the top leadership of the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party), the rebels who have been fighting the U.S.-equipped Turkish army since 1984.

"Your enemies are our enemies," Ricciardone told Turkish reporters at a news conference in Ankara. "The power of the multidisciplinary approach is what got bin Laden in the end, and we would like to share that and exploit that intimately."
This is not the first effort by a U.S. administration to suppress the Kurdish uprising in Turkey. In 1999 the Clinton administration secretly used FBI agents to track and help capture Abdullah Ocalan. For its part, the Obama administration has been helping the Turks fight the PKK for some time by sharing military technology and intelligence. But American participation in the conflict received little attention until a year ago when a U.S. drone mistakenly identified Kurdish civilians as rebels, resulting in the deaths of 35 villagers. The assassination offer came at a delicate moment in Turkish-Kurdish relations and, while it might have wiped out the PKK's top command, it exposes how out of step the Obama White House is with the aspirations of ordinary Kurds in the Middle East. There are 30 million Kurds in the region, spilling over the borders of Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran. Despite U.S. foreign policy to the contrary, many Kurds in these countries support the PKK and the age-old Kurdish dream of a unified homeland." -
The next time the Kurds raise legitimate grievances, the U.S. should urge negotiation, not assassination. In 21 years of traveling to the region, I have never met a Kurd who didn't like Americans. It seems a pity to squander that good will." - Kevin McKiernan, "Obama and the Kurdish Question: Drones Are Not the Answer" The Huffington Post, December 26, 2012.

"Kurdistan, unlike some artificial countries with borders drawn by moronic imperialists, is a real country that is rooted in the geography of the land, in the hearts of its brave people, and in thousands of years of recorded history. Its appearance and blossoming is a matter of when, not if.

Islamic tyranny of the Sunni branch, backed by Turkey, America, France, England, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, will not rise and prosper in Kurdish land." - "The Kurdish Sun Will Rise: Al-Qaeda, Turks, Islamists, Etc., Cannot Change This New Reality" July 21, 2013.
America and her tyrannical allies in Ankara and Riyadh should not test the will, determination, character, and heart of the Kurdish people.

These tyrannical nations, if they persist with their oppressive policies towards the Kurds, will learn very hard lessons and will remember in the future to never attempt to extinguish a people's aspiration for freedom and dignity.

America, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and their terrorist client al-Qaeda will fail to destroy the home of the Kurds that is slowly being formed and built up amidst the turmoil and chaos in the collapsing nations of the Middle East.

If America, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia were wise they would terminate their support for al-Qaeda and Islamic terrorism today, and enter in an open alliance with the Kurds.

If America, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia continue to assist al-Qaeda terrorists and help these racist cannibals launch aggressive attacks on liberated Kurdish towns in northeastern Syria then hell awaits them.

These nations should choose their friends and enemies wisely.