September 18, 2013

Al-Qaeda Thanks The Mainstream Media For Its Slanted Coverage of Syria

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Below is a statement by Jamal Ahmed al-Tahiri, the spokesman for Al-Qaeda in Damascus (AQD), thanking the Western mainstream media and its Arabic and Jewish partners for its favourable coverage of Al-Qaeda's holy war against Bashar the dog's regime, as well as for their heroic service to the cause of Allah.

In the Name of Allah the Merciful, America the Accursed, Aslam O' Alikum,

It is not often that my colleagues in "Saddam The Martyr" brigade open the pages of the New York Times, may Allah's wrath be upon it everlastingly, but these days they cannot get enough because of the paper's brave editorial support for our holy cause against Bashar the dog.

War makes strange bedfellows, as they say. No stranger allies can be found than between us and Jewish and American newspaper editors. It is a positive development for the fate of humankind that they have finally seen the light and ceased to describe our activities as terrorism.

They have blacked out our executions, preventing the sight of savagery from reaching the eyes of Americans, covered up our slaughter of innocent Christians, and blamed Assad for our poisoning of Alawite prisoners of war. What can more can we ask for? Money cannot buy this kind of propaganda.

What we do is not terrorism because it is for the highest cause, the cause of Allah. We are glad that the western mainstream media understands this crucial point.

We are benefiting from favourable media coveage in all sorts of ways. For example, the western mainstream media's non-stop propaganda war against our shared enemy, Assad, has greatly enhanced our recruiting efforts in the collapsing West among naive Arab and Muslim youth.

They watch television with the eyes of cubs, wholeheartedly believe the propaganda against Assad, and then join our ranks.

With little cost to ourselves, and zero money spent, we have been able to build an army because the western media is making common cause with us.

It is not an overstatement to say that if it was not for the editors of such iconic publications as the Times and the Post then there would be no Al-Qaeda. We will never forget this gift given to us.

We thank The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time Magazine, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, CBC, BBC, Al Jazeera, and other heroic organizations for raising the banner of Allah and helping Al-Qaeda in its holy war against Syria.