August 26, 2013

Turkey: We Will Invade Syria With Or Without A U.N. Resolution

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The Army of Evil From Left To Right: France, England, Germany, America, Turkey, Saudi Arabia/Al-Qaeda, And Israel.

Below is an excerpt from, "Coalition in making for Syria intervention" published in Hürriyet Daily News on Monday, August 26:
“If a coalition is formed against Syria in this process, Turkey will take part in it,” Davutoğlu told daily Milliyet, adding that Ankara was awaiting the results of a U.N. inspection of a suspected chemical attack on civilians.

“After the inspection, the U.N. Security Council needs to make a decision on sanctions. We always place priority on acting upon a U.N. resolution and together with the international community,” the foreign minister said. But he warned: “If there’s no such decision ... other options will be on the agenda. Some 36-37 countries have already been discussing these options.”

Echoing Davutoğlu’s statements, the German government has suggested for the first time that it would support an international military response against Syria if it is confirmed that al-Assad’s troops attacked opponents with chemical weapons.