August 17, 2013

Historian Webster G. Tarpley: "Egypt Is Asserting National Independence For The First Time In Decades"

 "History will record that the first US African American President led Egypt to a civil war by supporting a bunch of highly incompetent terrorists. Damn You." - From A Sign In Egypt.

Excerpts from, "Gen. Sisi Quells Armed Wing of Moslem Brotherhood as Egypt Defies Obama and Kerry" [Webster G. Tarpley,, August 17]:

On The Arab Spring As A Massive Destabilization Operation:
"The Arab Spring, of course, a destabilization against all the Arab, North African, Middle East, and Islamic countries broadly. The Arab Spring was designed to destabilize all those countries and destroy them, to reduce them to mini states, micro states, failed states, rump states, warlords, civil wars, secessions, and so forth. And you see that the countries where the military was relatively weak such as Tunisia and Libya are the countries where the destabilization has succeeded most." 
On The Muslim Brotherhood-CIA Alliance:
"Any fool ought to see that there has been a worldwide alliance between the Muslim Brotherhood and the CIA for the last several years at the very least, and actually going back to the 1950s or with the British back to the 1920s. The British founded the Muslim Brotherhood to keep Egypt under their control by making nationalism impossible."
On Egypt's New Found National Independence And The Decline of The American Empire:
"Nationalism and national dignity are returning to Egypt. And what we're also seeing is the impotence of the United States. The empire is in a process of decline. We welcome the decline of empire. Empire is not good for us Americans. It means real wages have been falling, totalitarian measures have been multiplying. We don't need an empire. We can be more prosperous and indeed more powerful on the basis of a New Deal economy with a New Deal good neighbour policy, not universal imperialist meddling."
On The Coup And Counter-Coup:
"The coup was in June, the coup started on 15 of June when Morsi cavorted with Qaradawi and the Salafists and the Jihadis, the conference where Morsi declared Jihad against Syria and broke diplomatic relations with Syria. That was the beginning of the coup. The counter-coup came a couple of weeks later at the end of June when the army said we're not going to be sent to fight Syria, we're not going to be sent to fight Ethiopia, and we're not going to sit here and wait for you to assassinate us, as has happened in some other countries."
On The Impossibility of Democracy In The Current Egypt:
"In Egypt today there is no material basis for democracy. Democracy cannot be improvised in that sense. Democracy requires a solid basis in employment, standards of living, it requires a middle class which dominates the society. Needy people cannot be free as Roosevelt wisely said. Necessitous people are not free people. If you are always on the verge of starvation then it's impossible to exercise the judgement that would be required from a voter in a democracy."