August 23, 2013

Don't Place The Military's "Massacres" In Egypt At America's Feet

This cartoon is intellectually idiotic because it goes against reality and truth. This is anti-Americanism taken to an absurd and nonsensical level, based on a groundless belief that the Egyptian military is controllable by Washington.  

The reality is that the Egyptian military took it upon itself to remove Morsi, who was an ally of Washington and was planning to join in USrael's war against Syria and expand the sectarian war in the region by bringing Egypt into the mix.

That's the first and most important thing that needs to be understood.

Second, the Egyptian military is not committing massacres, it is fighting back against armed protesters, who are Jihadist-Salafist terrorists and loose cannons with nothing to lose, with extreme prejudice as any government would do in such a situation, whether democratic or autocratic. If you raise arms against the state in any country, expect to be killed.

As I wrote in, "Five False Assumptions About The Coup In Egypt And Its Aftermath"
What's happening in Egypt and Syria are not massacres, they are violent skirmishes with one side obviously having more firepower than the other because it is a real army. The violent protesters in the Muslim Brotherhood are resisting despite being outgunned, that's brave and deserves to be respected, but, let's not fall into the delusion that they are trying to liberate Egypt from tyranny.
Third, who says Washington wants to see the Egyptian military succeed against the Muslim Brotherhood? Washington will probably sabotage its efforts to bring order to the Sinai region, as well as Israel, who benefits from a lawless environment there because crazed Jihadists running around with guns close to Israel's border plays well in the American media.

So, to wrap up, 1) Egypt's military is not committing massacres but is engaged in a war with the Muslim Brotherhood and associated forces and terrorist groups, 2) Washington is not helping the Egyptian military with this extremely violent, counter-terrorism strategy, and 3) U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies are most likely egging on the war by aiding and abetting the Jihadist terrorists in Sinai and elsewhere in order to totally destabilize Egypt. The same playbook they used against Syria is now being used against Egypt.