August 18, 2013

Agent Provocateurs In Egypt? A Look At The Shadowy Elements In Pro-Muslim Brotherhood Protests

Photo: A proud and patriotic Egyptian stands up to the Muslim Brotherhood gang. Source of photo: AP.

It is a known fact that agent provocateurs are used by all despotic governments, especially military governments, to demonize protests and characterize protesters as hoodlums and terrorists.

When there are popular, anti-government protests in police states, state security forces dress in civilian clothing and do heinous things like cause destruction to private property in order to delegitimize the protests and justify the full use of state violence against the opposition.

Rarely do governments practice restraint against demonized protesters when they believe that they have public support for their violent actions.

I would not be shocked at all if Egyptian security forces are engaged in this type of activity. They did it back in 2011. All governments that rule by terror and ideology rather than popular consent do it; the Americans, the Brits, the Israelis, the Iranians, the Russians, the Chinese, etc. During the 2009 anti-government protests in Iran, state security forces destroyed private property and then blamed the protesters to discredit them.

But, with that said, in the current situation in Egypt it appears that foreign-based agent provocateurs, like Mossad or CIA agents and their Al-Qaeda allies, are the ones who are stirring up shit rather than Egyptian security forces.

The Egyptian state and media do not need to try hard to make the Muslim Brotherhood look like hoodlums and terrorists because that is what many of them are. Obviously, there are supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood who are peaceful and friendly and they are regular people with families who have been ideologically mobilized to protest on the streets.

But the core cadre of the Muslim Brotherhood uses terror tactics, assassination, and deception to gain sympathy for its cause and intimidate political opponents and the public. It is a totalitarian, mystical, and incredibly secretive organization. They use classical brainwashing methods to attract poor, uneducated, xenophobic, and happily ignorant individuals who burn churches, loot stuff, rape women, torture people who they perceive are against Islam, and other horrible stuff.

The biggest reason why I believe Egyptian security forces are not conducting false flag operations is that the Egyptian government has nothing to gain by radicalizing Muslim Brotherhood protesters even further and add self-righteous fuel to the protests. They want to avoid a full-blown civil war.

But Israel and the United States do have a lot to gain by stoking the fires, provoking hatred, and creating a civil war. Divide and conquer is the name of the game. As far as USrael is concerned, both the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian military are enemies. They want to see Egypt chaotic, starving on its knees, and eventually destroyed.

II. Evidence of Agent Provocateurs in Egypt.

There are videos that shows military men in civilian clothes on rooftops in Egypt shooting at both protesters and the police, just as we saw in Syria back in 2011. Assad was falsely charged with militarizing the conflict in his country, but it was clear from the start that the shit-starters were foreigners, comprised of both radical Jihadists and undercover agents from US, Israel, Britain, and France.

Look at some of the evidence in Aangirfan's post on August 15 called, "Mysterious Shooters In Egypt."

There are images on various websites and videos that clearly show masked men with guns among the protesters, as well as hidden away on roofs. In some cases, they can be seen deliberately aiming their fire at the protesters. Look them up for yourselves.

The question of who these secret snipers are can best be answered with the question, who stands to gain?

It's obviously not the Egyptian military which is desperate to secure popular legitimacy during this period of transition towards a new democratically elected government.

USrael is the clear culprit since it has a long track record of provocateuring violence in Arab countries such as Syria and Iraq. USrael is the engine of chaos in the Muslim world, it has the same characteristics as the nihilistic Joker in The Dark Knight. Washington has actively supported Al-Qaeda in Libya, Iraq, and Syria, so it isn't much of a stretch to say that it is doing the same in Egypt.

What Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and the Islamic world as a whole needs at this moment in time is a saviour figure who can stand up to the nihilistic and depraved monsters in USrael and Al-Qaeda that are openly working together to burn these countries and turn the Middle East to ash. They need a new prophet to rally around.

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