August 27, 2013

A Victory For Humanity: The American People Have Not Been Brainwashed By Pro-War/Anti-Assad Propaganda

"As Secretary of State John Kerry made the Obama administration’s most forceful statement yet on Syria’s alleged use of chemical weapons, a new Reuters/Ipsos poll finds just 9 percent of Americans supporting intervention in Syria, with about 60 percent opposed." - Joshua Keating, "Least Popular War Ever?" Slate, August 26, 2013.
A lot more needs to be said about the fact that the most powerful state media in the world, and in all of human history, has not been able to successfully indoctrinate its people in the mad push for an aggressive war against Syria.

For two years now the U.S. government and media have tried to sell the lie that Assad is killing his own people and that he is using chemical weapons, but hardly anyone in America is buying this lie. This speaks to the innate wisdom and intelligence of the American people.

The rest of the world should applaud the American people, even while their murderous and evil government rains down death on millions of innocent people from Libya to Yemen to Syria to Pakistan to who knows where else.

It is the diabolical rulers who are stupid and mentally ill, not the people. As Chris Floyd writes, "They are insane. They are stupid. They are enslaved to murderous power -- so they will kill."

The political and media elite in America have failed their people, their country, and themselves. Assad is an angel sent from God compared to these goons who weave cobwebs of lies and then expect everyone to fall for their obvious trap. 

One of these characters says that Obama must "punish" Assad for his imaginary crimes, and that, get this, "hope" that it all turns out well in the end. Here is what he says:
History says don’t do it. Most Americans say don’t do it. But President Obama has to punish Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad’s homicidal regime with a military strike—and hope that history and the people are wrong.
Are you fucking kidding me? Is this the crap that gets published in the U.S. press?

Wars are not won on hope. And, second, if anyone deserves to be punished for war crimes and crimes against humanity, it is not Assad and the Syrian people, it is the United States, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, Qatar, France, and England, all of whom are openly financing, arming, and supporting Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria. And that is the God honest truth.

The U.S. press has failed its beautiful country and amazing people once again by using obvious lies to justify another aggressive, criminal, and monstrous war against an independent and sovereign nation that poses no threat to America's national security.

Truth smells like victory.